Happy Ganesh Chaturthi – Ganesh Puja 2018 Vidhi Explained

Ganesh Puja – Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular Hindu festival celebrated all over India with enthusiasm and joy. Yes, here in this post, I will tell you how to celebrate Ganesh Puja 2018 and give a detailed description of Ganesh images, Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes, and Quotes. If you are a totally unaware process of doing Ganesh Puja, then, don’t worry! In this post, I will let you know A-Z detail of  Ganpati Pujan. At the end, I will provide Ganesh hymns aka Ganpati Arti.

Do you know? What is Ganesh Chaturthi, I hope you all know about Durga Puja the one known as Navratri, Yes just like that, Ganesha festival is a 10-day festival that reveres God Ganesha. Last day i.e. 10th day of Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Ganesh Virsarjan. I will explain What to do in Ganesh Chaturthi ten long days.


Ganesh Puja 2018 

ganesh images

On the 1st day of Ganesh Chaturthi, people wake up early in the morning specially before the muhurta (see the muhurta of Ganesh Puja 2017 in the link below) and go to buy the Ganesha Statue, which should be easily available in the market in every street, as the stalls of statue of Lord Ganesha are already standing before the one week of festival.

So you can buy the statue of lord Gannu from the market.After buying the statue cover it with some paper or clothes and decorate the pavilion for Lord Ganesha where the statue can be established.

Note: The statue will be covered with clothes or paper till the Muhurta.

  • See the Muhurta of Ganpati Festival.

At the time of Muhurta, the clothes or paper which covered the statue of Lord Ganesha will be removed and start praying Lord Ganesha by Chanting Hymns, Putting Garland over the statue and putting some sweets (Prasad) on the feet of Lord Ganesha.

As Ganesh Bagwaan loved – Modak and Laddus as sweets. After praying Lord Ganesha with the hymns (Aarti) serve the sweets among family members or relatives.

Note: The establishment of Lord Ganesha only be done at the Muhurta.
People also wish each other by sending Ganesha Images with some Quotes on social media. I know you are also waiting for Ganesh Chaturthi Images along with Quotes and Wishes. Here are unique Images, Wishes, and Quotes of Ganesh Puja.

2nd To 10th Day of Ganesh Puja 

Rest, all days are similar, On these days, People worship God Ganesha by chanting hymn and putting sweets in Day and Night. On these days, no Muhurta is required. You can do worship anytime on Day and Night.

11th Day of Ganesh Puja 2018

Yes, the 11th day of Ganesh Puja is also named as Ganesh Visarjan, This is the last day of celebrating Lord Ganesha festival. Yes, on this day people Bid Bye to God Ganesha. The statue of God Ganesha is been immersed in river, lake or ocean saying Bye to God Ganesha according to Muhurta with slogans –
Ganpati Babba Morya, Agle Varsh tu Jaldi Aa“.
Note: There is different Muhurta of Ganesh Virsarjan.
So this was all about Ganesh Puja 2017, In case you have any queries regarding Ganesh Pujan just ping us a comment, we will look out for the best solution. 

Where Does Ganesh Chaturthi is Famous & Popular?

Ganesh Chaturthi festival is mostly Popular in Mumbai, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh etc. I would advise you to visit Mumbai, Maharashtra to see how people have craze to celebrate this wonderful event. 

In Mumbai, each and every street has a statue of Lord Ganesha. It is impossible to cross a street without having a display of God Ganesha. In fact, Mumbai is a place where a competition occurs between street to street for the best decoration of Ganesh Chaturthi pavilion. However, the competition not only seen in Mumbai, it occurs in the various city.

Hymns for Ganesh Puja 2018

Jai ganesh Jai ganesh Jai ganesh deva Mata jaki Parwati Pita Maha deva;Jai ganesh Jai ganesh Jai ganesh deva Mata jaki parwati Pita maha deva;Ek dant daya want Char bhuja dhari Ek dant daya want Char bhuja dhari;Mathe sindur sohai Muse ki sawari;

Pan chadhe Phool Chadhe Aur Chadhe Meva;Laduan ko bhog lage Sant kare seva;Jai ganesh Jai ganesh Jai ganesh deva Mata jaki parwati Pita maha deva;Andhan ko aankh det Kodhin ko kaya;Bajhan ko purta det Nirdhan ko maya;

Jai ganesh Jai ganesh Jai ganesh deva Mata jaki parwati Pita maha deva;Surya Shaam Sharan aye Safal kije sewa;Jai ganesh jai ganesh Jai ganesh deva Mata jaki parwati Pita maha deva;Bolo Ganpati bappa ki Jai!

This is the most common prayer of Ganesh Puja. You can also look for other Prayers on the internet for the Ganesh Puja. I hope you are clear about the concept of celebrating Ganesh Pujan , About Muhurta, Ganesh Puja, Wishes or Quotes, Ganesh Puja Images. Stay tuned for more update related to Ganesh Puja. Once again, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all of you.

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